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    April 19, 2019
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Electrical Maintenance Artisan

Job description

To install, maintain repair and service power station electrical plant equipment efficiently and effectively in accordance with specifications and safety standards

Key activities

1. Efficient and effective identification and repairs of electrical faults
2. Availability of records on faults and corrective action taken
3. Adherence to maintenance schedule
4. Quality of drawings on electrical equipment modifications
5. Achievement of work targets
6. Adherence to safety standards

Education required

  1. National Craft Certificate (NCC) in Industrial Electrical Maintenance

Experience required

  1. Direct entry after having successfully completed an apprenticeship program

Critical success factors

  1. Achievement of Work Targets
  2. Technical expertise
  3. Diagnostic Ability
  4. Analytical thinking
  5. Procedural awareness and understanding


  • 1. Installs and maintains electrical equipment in accordance with service and manufacturers specifications.

    2. Tests the electrical equipment used in the plant to ensure that it operates in accordance with the required specifications.

    3. Attends to defects as per the work request and performs faultfinding on electrical equipment.

    4. Repairs defective electrical plant equipment in accordance with safety procedures and records information on the fault and effected repairs for case history purposes.

    5. Performs plant inspections and condition monitoring tasks on electrical plant equipment so as to identify possible problems and reports to the supervisor to initiate corrective measures.

    6. Prepares draft drawings for modifications and changes in the existing equipment and old equipment to facilitate the improvement of plant efficiency.

    7. Checks the running and isolated plant to ensure that safety procedures are adhered to so as to avoid danger to personnel and equipment.

    8. Supervises the routine maintenance of the plant and inspects the work of staff to ensure adherence to schedules, standards and specifications.

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