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    11 months ago
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    December 21, 2018

Job description

To efficiently and effectively perform general duties in the section in accordance with instructions, laid down procedures, safety and housekeeping standards.

Key activities

  1. Efficient and effective achievement of work targets
  2. Compliance with instructions
  3. Cleanliness of designated areas
  4. Adherence to Safety Health and Environment standards
  5. Adherence to laid down procedures

Education required

  1. BGCSE

2. Driver’s License


Experience required

  1. Direct Entry

Critical success factors

  1. General Conduct
  2. Procedural awareness and understanding
  3. Cooperation and compliance with instructions
  4. Achievement of work targets


Core Accountabilities and Responsibilities


  1. Carries out general cleaning of offices, cars, plant and equipment and other facilities.

2. De-bushes to prevent accidents and interference with operations.

3.Clears spillages in accordance with house keeping standards.

4.Digs/clears cable trenches and fills them as necessary to avoid exposure of underground power cables.

5.Collects and delivers spares, tools, tests equipment, mails etc. as required.

6.Carries out manual responsibilities such as loading and unloading of deliveries

7.Ensures compliance to SHER procedures when carrying out duties

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