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Safety Health Environment Superintendent

Job description

To coordinate, monitor and control of the Company’s safety, health and environmental issues at all/specific areas of the organisation. Of key importance is to ensure that the organisation operations are in strict compliance with best practice standards such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and other principles which the company subscribes to. The position to further ensure that the organisation conforms to relevant SHER related statutes including but not limited to Waste management act, Environmental Impact Assessment Act, Factories, Public health Act and other provisions as applicable to Botswana.

Key activities

□ Planning, Organising, Coordination (Monitoring and Reporting)
□ Action Orientation
□ Interpersonal Skills
□ Problem Solving, Innovation and creativity
□ Communication Skills
□ Process Management
□ Continuous Improvement
□ Drive for Results
□ Management Excellence
□ Customer Focus
□ Decision Making
□ Leading Change
□ Values, Ethics and Integrity

Education required

□ A recognised Degree in Environmental Sciences/ Occupational Health & Safety or related field
□ Sound knowledge in implementation of ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and best practice systems such as IRCA/NOSA
□ Valid Membership of professional Institutes

Experience required

□ A minimum of 6 years post qualification experience in the field of SHER
□ Of the above, at least 3 years in a middle management capacity
□ A proven track record of effective people and operations management
□ Experience power utility (generation, transmission & distribution) industry or related



  •  High level of SHER culture with zero tolerance to workplace incidents/accidents
  •  Facilitate implementation of SHER strategic intent in liaison with various stakeholders to ensure that incident or accident rates are reduced.
  •  Direct SHER personnel to conduct inspections and audits covering all company operations to ensure compliance to the company’s standards and requirements
  •  Ensure that risk assessment (safety &health) and impact assessment (environment) baseline profiles and risk/impact mitigation strategies are initiated and implemented using the company’s adopted methodologies or matrix
  •  Facilitate independent investigation on all accidents and incidents using best practice methodologies such as RCAT, Fish bone, 5 whys etc.
  •  Establishes and leads the utilisation of SHER systems and produce management reports showing trends on key company performance objectives such as LTIFR, Environmental performance, Legal compliance etc
  •  Develop and implement area specific annual SHER training plan in liaison with Line management to raise awareness level.
  •  SHER Management programmes implementation
  •  Provides guidance on the implementation of SHER management system through development of documented procedures supporting the Policy.
  •  Develop a plan for external accredited bodies to conduct area specific quantitative hygiene surveys covering but not limited to noise, dust, fumes, biological, illumination, pollution and ergonomics.
  • Provide advice to management on SHER aspects application to the company.
  •  Develop and implement behaviour based SHER programmes aiming at improving reporting of leading indicators.
  •  Financial strategic intent
  •  Initiates budget requirements (OPEX and Capex) on projects or services aiming at risk reduction
  •  Manages budget and recommends expenditure in line with corporation expenditure guidelines
  • Establish and implement innovative measure to reduce costs.
  • Customer Relations & satisfaction
  •  Develop and implement engagement plan for all internal and external stakeholders
  • Advise management on queries from stakeholders and facilitate process to resolve issues through Line management
  •  Develop and implement SHER customer survey
  •  Learning & growth
  • Ensure that subordinates are competent in their role and provide guidance
  •  Provide supervisory role to direct report and ensure that performance objectives and contracts are put in place.
  •  Review employee performance and develop improvement plans where required.
  •  Disseminate and share SHER information
  • Ensures that all safety and loss control standards (Safety Health and Environmental) contained in the Company’s standards are adhered to.
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