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Job description

To organize, supervise and control the provision of security services through implementing security policies and procedures to ensure optimum security protection measures for Corporation Personnel, Customers, Assets, Facilities, and Intellectual Property and thus minimize security risks.

Key activities

1. Policy Development & Implementation
2. Project Management
3. Risk Management
4. Operational Management
5. Contract Management
6. Client & Customer Management (Internal and External)
7. Data Collection & Analysis
8. Access Management
9. Improvement / Innovation
10. Internal Communications
11 .Performance Management
12 .Safety, Health and Environment

Education required

• A recognised Degree in Security Management or related area.
• Certification in security management. (PSP, CPP, CSMP and related) as an added advantage.
• Membership of recognized professional security institution or association

Experience required

• At least three (3) years relevant post qualification experience in a security environment.
• A minimum of 2 years’ experience in supervising and directing people and other resources to achieve specific end results within limited timeframes.

Critical success factors

• Contract Administration
• Data Management
• Compliance
• Risk Management
• Review and Reporting
• Technical Support
• Service Delivery
• Commercial Acumen
• Computer skills
• Data Collection and analysis
• Planning and Organizing
• Policy and procedures

• Initiative
• Customer Focus
• Self-Confidence
• Teamwork and Collaboration
• Adaptability
• Analytical Thinking
• Attention to Detail
• Drive for Results
• Information Seeking



Policy Development & Implementation :Provides input into the development of procedures for an area within the organization, then monitors the implementation of those procedures.

Project Management: Delivers small to medium scale projects by working within an established program management plan.

Risk Management: Conducts risk assessments, identifies risks and recommends mitigation plans to address the risks.

Operational Management :Provides operational support services and sometimes acts as first-line supervisors of a transactional operations area while using existing systems and protocols.

Contract Management :Delivers required outcomes by managing day-to-day relationships with contract service providers and working within an established contract management plan.

Client & Customer Management (Internal and External) :Manages relationships with clients to ensure their needs are met while supporting senior colleagues in managing more important client and customer relationships.Supports internal customers to ensure their needs are met and/or helps senior colleagues manage client relationships.

Data Collection & Analysis: Works independently to collate and analyze data using pre-determined tools, methods and formats.

Access Management :Delivers and/or supports others by carrying out designated access management activities using existing systems and protocols.

Improvement / Innovation: Identifies shortcomings in existing processes, systems and procedures, then uses established change management programs to deliver prescribed outcomes and/or provide support services.

Internal Communications: Executes a communications plan by working within established internal communication systems and procedures.Conducts security induction training for new employees.

Performance Management: Helps manage the performance of direct reports by working within performance management systems.

Safety, Health and Environment :Delivers own prescribed outcomes and/or provides support services by using the organisations safety, health and environment systems and protocols.


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